Tuesday, 20 September 2011


1 - Imagine you are part of a big orchard with lot of trees around. How do you feel being cut?

Being with lots of friends around will always makes me happy. Having said that, of course I would be very sad and dissappointed to see my community including me being cut for whatever purpose it is. Besides that, I would be angry for the injustice that occurs to us in the name of development cannot be tolerated. People are always thinking of themselves to gain lots of money and other benefits without having a thought on what will happen to the entire biodiversity of this lovely planet earth.

2 - What will happen to all the animals which were taking shelter on you?

Deforestation is a calamity towards all the flora and fauna. In our hot and humid climate, there are many animals and species of plants living and survive in the forest. If the trees being cut, all of this especially the animals will face extinction as there are no food resources anymore. If the trees are still there, animals are taking shelter on it and finding food in its vast varieties of plants. Without it they have no place to hide, play around, and even a sources of food.

3 - What would be the surroundings like after you are cut?

The surrounding would be very dry as in the words of Malay idioms, "padang jarak padang tekukur." The forest are no longer has the capacity to support its biodiversity and be the natural place of water reservoir. This may lead to other serious problems such as soil erosion and climate change.

4 - What chenge will take place in the environment after you are cut?

The environment will be affected by the global warming. Carbon dioxide emission will increase and this contribute to the greenhouse effect. Eventhought it is so, people will start to develop the place, filled it with many projects such us to build business area and housing area. But, the air will be polluted and not as fresh as before.

5 - Message you would like to give to people who are cutting down trees.

For this type of people, the always thinking of themselves and not of others. They have to bear in mind that this mother nature is created for many living things to stay in it. The different in needs of all this living things must be taken care of. We have to appreciate and care for them whole heartedly because this world will be inherited by our children after we died.

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