Tuesday, 13 September 2011

movie review

Ella the enchanted

The story started when Ella was born and her mother invited all the fairies to their house to bless her with all the gift, however her mother did not invited one fairy which always screw-up by giving unpleasant gift. The nightmare became real when she found Ella and gave her gift of obedient. 

The gift had changed her life a lot, she became uncontrollable every action made by her was forced by other people command. She will do whatever people ask her to do.  Her evil step sisters making her life more difficult.

 Everything started to change when she met her prince charming.
Prince Charmont will be crowned as king without knowing that his uncle had killed his father for the throne and will do the same to him on the coronation day. Together Prince Charmont and Ella had stopped the chaotic issues within their life, he was crowned as king and Ella was free from the curse and live happily ever after.

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